Appointment Booking Apps

Manage your entire business on a your Appointment Booking App. Effortless and simple scheduling.

Customers book easily through the App, your business calendar gets filled automatically, take deposits, Customers receive Booking Confirmation & Reminders.

The App and its Purpose

Run your entire business on your App

A Salon Appointment App

A complete Appointment Booking Management App

We create Apps for all types of businesses, including Hair Salons, Beauty Salons & Nail Salons, Barbershops and Car Washes.

We help grow revenue by pushing customers services and products, making it even easier to get repeat business and improve sales.

Innovating to provide a great user experience whilst optimising the way a business is run.

Integrated Email and Notification marketing, customers receive confirmations, send out offers and promote new services & products.

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All Features for Complete Booking Management

Booking Management

Customers can book 24/7 from the App! Scheduling Appointments is effortless. Your Calendar gets filled effectively, Manage all appointments for your business in one place.

Staff Scheduling

Easily add, update and manage staff schedules on the App. Customers book only when staff are available. Staff can manage their calendar individually from anywhere.

Build Client Database

Build your client Database, import existing clients and have full oversight of history of their treatments. Market products, services and offers to them.

In App Payments

Take In App Payments, this includes Apple Pay, Google Pay and Card Payments. Allow clients to pay for their services through your App speeding up your checkout process.

Take Deposits

Get customers to secure bookings by taking deposits. Get paid even when customers don't turn up for their Scheduled Appointment Slot.

Reduce No/Shows

Appointment reminders are sent by email, push notifications and SMS confirmations. Secure bookings with deposits. Your own App will provide effective communication and reduce no shows.

Inventory Management

Track inventory used in your business from consumables , products and other stock. Know when your supply is low and have full history of purchases made of new inventory.

Sales Exports

Export your sales for financial reasons. We integrate with many financial systems to make it even easier.

Digital Forms & Signatures

Customers can fill out Digital Forms (eg. patch test), sign and its saved through the App in real time. Save time and paper and get all information necessary for the Appointment.

Customer Loyalty Program

Your customers can have a digital loyalty card, they earn points for having services done. Your customers feel valued by earning & redeeming points.

Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers

Sell Gift Cards to your customers! Customers can purchase gift cards for friends, family and for themselves.

Service Discounts

Offer special promotions and discounts to services for any period of time. Apply discounts and let customers know by push notifications when promotions are available.


Business Growth

Automatic Notifications

Staff and Admin are alerted for new Bookings, new Sales, new Gift Cards and when New Products have been ordered. Customers receive notification reminders of their Bookings.

Smart Email Marketing

Setup email marketing to attract existing and new clientele. Using your customer list you can get more app downloads, more bookings and sell more products.

Sell Products

Increase revenue by selling products to your customers on your App. Offer unlimited products, we integrate with Shopify and other stores providing a smooth checkout.

Customer Reviews

Build your reputation and let customers know why you are the best at what you do. Customers can review their appointment with you on the App. We also send them to Google My Business Reviews.

We work with many Businesses

Who is it for?

Hair Salons
Nail Salons
Beauty Salons
Tanning Salons
Spa & Gyms
Dentists & Orthodontists
Car Washes

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