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How Can A Bespoke App Help Your Salon To Grow?

Running a successful Salon is all about having loyal clients that return. The more of these clients you have, the more successful your business is. The bottom line is that having a bespoke app for your salon is going to get you more clients. More clients will book more appointments and increase your revenue. We look at what a bespoke app will do for your salon business.

Key Features
By having your own bespoke branded app then you can have several features that are perfect for your business. Firstly, you can include the ability to book appointments whilst mobile. This includes allowing clients to see when you have availability. This means that when something unexpected comes up for your customer and they want to look and make a quick appointment they can pop onto your bespoke app and make the appointment there and then.  As well as making the appointment the app can pop up with reminders about your appointments. It can even remind clients when they haven’t made an appointment in a while and prompt them to book.

Engender Loyalty

By having your own bespoke app then you can also build your loyalty program into the app. This means that instead of having to carry around a card or something else, then can record in the app when a customer has attended an appointment and then they will build their rewards. NailTechnicians appointments, beauty technicians’ appointments and make-up artists appointments can all be recorded in the app and count for different rewards.You could even give different points to different appointment types, so it isn’t a simple one visit one stamp type situation.

Style Libraries

With a bespoke app, you can allow your customer to build their very own style library. This could include not only recording the work that you have done on a customer say with photos of their hair, make-up or nails, but you can also allow them to upload style influences and photos of things they have seen that they like. This can help the stylist make decisions and recommendations before your client even attends the salon.

Discounts and Referrals

The other thing you can do with an app is offer clients discounts and referral schemes through the app. This means that if you are having a special offer, then you can send a push notification to your client sand let them know about your offer and encourage them to book immediately. You can also forward them links that they can forward to their friends and family.This could be offers that give not only the friend but also the customer a discount for the referrals. The encourages growth in your client base.

Final Thoughts

Having a bespoke app for your business is great, you have a one-stop-shop that is free from competitors and can provide great benefits for your clients and your business. Getting an app created is not as difficult or expensive as you might imagine and will pay for itself in no time.

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