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Increase Sales with an Appointment Booking App

Many businesses of various sizes are looking at new ways of innovating and connecting with customers to increase sales. A rapidly increasing new trend is to create your very own appointment booking app.  The idea of technology running your booking schedule may seem a bit excessive as customers may just call you up or walk in and book their appointments.  However, the use of smart devices has seen a major shift towards users wanting an app for everything.

Providing your customers with your own appointment booking app is a must in order to increase sales in 2019 and here’s why:

1. Your customers can book with you anytime from anywhere.
Customers can make a booking for a service from any location, even if not in business hours. They may want to check availability from their smart device and sometimes prefer not to call in. By having an appointment booking app customers are free to choose their preferred slot and your business receives more appointments as a result.

2. Manage Bookings effectively.
Improve the way your team manages appointments. Keep a full record of booked appointments which staff can easily manage and plan their schedules accordingly. Having a system that works, saves time and energy for the entire team.

3. Insights and analytics into your business.
An appointment booking app can provide insights using data that has been captured such as, busy periods and quiet days. Insights into staff availability and  busy periods as well as services that are most frequently used are clearly visible, for easy decision making. Useful stats can help your business enhance your services and optimise what you offer; sales can be improved by offering deals on quiet days as well as up selling to customers.

4. Reduce Staff workload.
An appointment booking app will help reduce staff workloads around managing appointments and bookings, so they can focus on providing the best service. This will promote a better customer experience which is more likely to get repeat business.

5. Have the edge above the rest.
Your own branded appointment booking app sends out a message to your customers – maintain professionalism while giving them a personalised service. In this way, customer loyalty is guaranteed and your service is promoted through sharing the App. An appointment booking app gives you an advantage over competitors.  
Do you run a serviced based business that books slots, appointments or is scheduled and based on time? You may have heard of appointment booking systems or apps that can help and benefit the way you work and automate the booking process for your customers.

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