Ways to increase sales during COVID-19

5 Tips to Increase Salon Sales During COVID-19

1. Keep in contact with your 'Regular Customers'

The first aim should be to focus on your existing clients before attracting a new clientele. Your current Clients have a relationship with your business, your staff and probably have received many treatments regularly which they know and love. Keep in touch with them in the most direct way possible using email communication, Instagram, text messages, facebook business – and tell them about your services during this period, as well as letting them know you’re still there for them.

As more customers will be aware of your presence they are likely to visit for a treatment. Ask Clients what they would like, Treatments they prefer and offering discounts to their friends that come. 

2. Provide guidance for ‘Beauty at Home’
Send out newsletters, post videos, or guides to your customers by email or on social media filled with beauty, skincare and wellbeing tips to help them maintain their beauty regime at home.

You can use your own App to sell recommended products! Recommend products to help Clients stay beautiful, this can Include a different ‘main’ product offer each time to help improve retail sales. Clients are always looking for tips on youtube, Instagram and social media, this is an opportunity to be a leader in your sector with your own knowledge on the best products for different treatments.

3. Host weekly beauty classes on solving Beauty Problems
People are at home, they are looking for different and exciting events to keep them busy. Consider doing a video a week, this could be a live event or pre-recorded where you discuss a different treatment, the benefits and negatives, as well as products associated with that treatment.

By doing this each week at the same time on the same day, soon you will grow an online audience and boost sales through an online store or App!

Invite customers to buy a hamper of products at a discount, which you would post to them, and then ask them to join the class where you will talk through how to use them for the best results. Each class can focus on a specific beauty concern for men and women.

4. Create Beauty Kits clients can gift to friends & family
Create Beauty Kits which clients can gift to friends, family and themselves. This is a time when many people are looking to purchase all their beauty products online, spa days are not available anymore, you can make something special to help clients pamper themselves at home.

5. Marketing Ideas
• Post regularly and blow up your social media with content that matters to your audience!
• Online reviews – remove or answer negative reviews, and get more positive reviews from existing and new clients.
• Enhance your website, App and listing on Google My Business.
• Market and advertise locally, through flyers, Instagram, facebook and using existing clients.
• Upgrade salon marketing materials to stand out and improve services offered.

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