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London Beauty Salon opens in July, with their own App!


DVA Beautique is a beauty salon based in Westfield, Stratford City. Since 2010, when they first opened , DVA has seen many changes; stores have come and gone. DVA’s CEO, Vaishali Patel, has a wealth of experience in the beauty space and really understands her clients. DVA offers their clients a range of treatments from eyelash and brow treatments to waxing and massages. Vaishali’s mission is to ensure that  every treatment is personalised and perfect for their clients. Their innovative approach to their products and clients  have enabled them to  create signature treatments that exceed their clients’ high expectations.

The Problem: How to safely re-open DVA Beautique in July? 
Inline with UK Government COVID-19 guidelines DVA closed in March. This was a difficult move for businesses across the United Kingdom. 
After being closed for more than 12 weeks, DVA will reopen in the first week of July. This is exciting news for DVA, however, 

It comes with it’s own challenges. DVA will need to walk the tightrope of managing a high demand of client bookings whilst preventing overcrowding and supporting staff, so that they are safe.Their key priority was to make sure  that their clients are protected whilst still having a great experience at the salon.

The Solution
DVA’s strategy to address the issue, puts social distancing as its central focus. The first step of their plan is to keep their clients informed. Through their website and their app, they let their clients know about the measures they are implementing at their salon. They took the decision to prioritise app bookings. This gives their clients the opportunity to secure their treatments early;  a strategy which greatly reduces queues and crowds. Customers can now fill out all information & sign digitally on the App, reducing contact, paper and saving time!

In addition to adopting digital strategies, DVA has also put physical measures in place. PPE equipment is available for clients for protection, DVA Beautique are now certified for Infection & Prevention control for COVID-19. They have been able to place protective screens between each treatment chair. This provides a barrier between each client which will  greatly reduce transmission. 

There is certainly not a single, one size fits all solution or answer for how to effectively open a business after the COVID-19 lockdown. Fortunately,  there are some very simple strategies and steps that you too can take in your business to ensure that both clients and staff are safe.

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