Frequently Asked Questions

Can my new app work with other booking systems?

Yes, many of our customers use other booking systems like Treatwell in conjunction with their new app.

Will Freshly Ground Apps ever do updates to my App?

Yes, from time to time we will release newer versions of your app. These will typically be “behind the scenes” changes that will only improve the user experience of the app. We will NEVER do any stylistic changes to your app without your go ahead.

Who can I speak to if I need to change my App?

Every one of our customers will have a dedicated techie. He or she will help to make sure your app is running smoothly.

Can my clients pay through the App?

Yes, your clients can pay for their treatments with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Payment can be done at the time of booking. It can also be used when buying your products

What happens to my data when I cancel?

On request we will be able to send you all related data to you. This will include your client, product

What happens if I wan't to cancel?

Even though we would hate to see you go, we make it as easy as possible to leave. You can cancel at anytime. The App will still be functional until the end of that billing period (typically a month).
After this time, your users will be directed to call your business instead. Your app will removed from the app store after 2 months.

Can I send offer notifications to clients?

It is now even easier to market your offers through the App. At the touch of a button you will be able to send out push notifications to your clients and advertise new offers, new available slots and general information.

Can you provide me with sales Invoices?

Yes, Invoices of past completed appointments can be downloaded from the staff App.

Is my App and Data Secure?

Yes, our Apps Databases are hosted on Google Servers. There is End to End encryption between the server and the users device.

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