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You don't share a website, why share an app?

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help every business to get their own app. Every local business is unique with their own personality. We believe businesses should never just be one of the crowd.  

We work with businesses who strive to stand out.


The Best Apps have the Best Features

Cross Platform

iPhone or Samsung? Phone or tablet? Your team and clients can use your app across ALL devices

Stop No-shows

Reminder notifications ensure
your clients don't miss
their booking

Integrated POS system

Take payments and deposits quickly through the app. No need for additional hardware

Simple Pricing

Get started for only
£40 / Month.
And no annual contract!

Stock Control

Effectively manage your stock within the App. Inventory is updated in real time, staff can be alerted when stock is low

Multiple Revenue Streams

Showcase your services & sell products to your customers at the same time

App Design

How does it work

We create your Appointment Booking App with your own Brand and ideas in mind. In 3 steps and 2 weeks your app is on for the app store

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What devices will my Booking App work on?

Your app will work on all iOS and Android devices. This includes iPads and other tablets. Your clients will be able to download it from either the App Store or the Play Store.

Will Freshly Ground Apps ever do updates to my App?

Yes, from time to time we will release newer versions of your app. These will typically be “behind the scenes” changes that will only improve the user experience of the app. We will NEVER do any stylistic changes to your app without your go ahead.

Who can I speak to if I need to change my App?

Every one of our clients will have a dedicated techie. He or she will help to make sure your app is running smoothly.

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